10 Feb 2009

Ah, the not so new apartment, it is a major improvement from the day the movers dropped off the contents of a 4 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom apartment. I still see the moving day results when I close my eyes so when I open them and look around now it seems quite spacious. Yet, I feel that I spend a lot of time rearranging, looking at storage solutions, reading the Ikea catalog and very little doing things I actually enjoy.

So after finishing the first chapter of "It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff" by Peter Walsh I got up and walked around with the camera. Camera's don't lie, eh. (huh depending on your geography)

To be honest the first thing I did after taking the pictures wasn't to write this but was to do the dishes and make the beds. I hope that by airing the "dirty laundry" I will stay focused (or at least shamed) long enough to complete this. Is my house terrible? No, it isn't but it is chronically messy, nothing seems to get finished, the to do list keeps getting longer and we don't seem to have enough time to do anything fun.

So what's behind curtain #1?

Boxes - awaitin
g Armageddon (which could be confused with our next move.) Perhaps the world wouldn't end if I got rid of them... but do you really want me to take that chance? Last time I threw them all out my husband got transferred to New Jersey. No disrespect intended - great people but... Fortunately there are two bathrooms.

Moving on to our

You don't have a problem with Christmas decorations in the bedroom in February, do you? Or garbage bags full of laundry that have needed to go to the laundry mat for a while? Shall we define "a while" as less than a year? After "a while", it all starts to blend in and become part of the landscape. As for the Christmas decorations... think of the totes as adding "festive" horizontal surfaces. If you pile enough crap on them... they disappear too. Ah, the art of illusion. Next, we will move over the floor decor. Watch your step. Don't slip on the coins that Sid has piled on the floor. Perhaps it is some sort of incentive program.
The Laundry Room:
I attempted to open the laundry room door and triggered an avalanche. Um, possibly that score of "Compulsive Hoarder" was earned. I'll get a couple of pictures after I clean up enough to open the door.

Onwards to the living room via the hallway.
The hallway serves dual purpose as a swing set and a passageway. We're all reasonably happy with this.
The Living Room:

Still functional but I haven't thought of entertaining here. One of the points of upside to moving constantly is not having drop in company.
More festive touches. These really need to go to the self storage facility. Oh, I didn't mention that. I like to think of it as where my house is. At least its where the lawn mower, outside swing, and a few other things live. , (The floor to ceiling, wall to wall boxes in a 5'x8' room is part of the project. Opening that present is a wee bit of scope creep, however. Those treasures will have to lie for a while longer. I hear that self-storage has become a large industry! Who would have figured?)

My nest, but more on that later. Hey what happened to the fonts? They just disappeared. I signed out and signed back in and they are back. What's up with that?

The fish are healthy, and happy? Who can know the mind of a fish? Although the inside of their tank is clean, it is unfortunate that the lid is a horizontal surface and in peril of vanishing.

Seriously though: The bookshelf is much better than it ever has been. This is mostly due to the long distance move. I removed about 20 cubic feet of books when we packed, and even so the movers came in and said "And look at those books!" They weren't happy.

The Dining Room:

More evidence of the box fetish. Maybe it's eccentric to store boxes in the bath tub. My husband would probably use stronger language. I only wanted 1.5 baths anyways so the extra tub seemed like more to clean and less room to store stuff. I find it strange that there needs to be a bath for each bedroom when the hot water tank can barely cope with one shower. As an added bonus, I can hose my box collection off whenever I choose.

A table! Its been an exceptional day and the proof is in the visible table. Oh, Oh exceptional day triggered a thought. Today is my anniversary and I forgot again! Its a real problem being unable to remember birthdays and anniversaries. I have them all recorded but I forget to look at my book. Now I get to make it right. What shall I cook?

The Kitchen:
, Oh my, under the mess its clean, really. On some days we can actually find a counter to prepare food on. That is a shame. We both like to cook.

Sid's Room:
Sid's room is the master bedroom, according to the floor plan. Of course Sid is the master, so I guess there's no confusion. The master bedroom has an en suite and a walk in closet which makes it actually three rooms. We decided to give him this room as it is larger and we no longer have an extra bedroom to function as a playroom/family room/fish room.

What can I say? I could tidy up but it will look much the same in about 5 minutes. Perhaps I should just change my name to Sisyphys. I could buy enclosed shelving. None of these solutions will solve the problem. There is just not enough room. I believe the solution is twofold; we need more floor space (particularly a family room) and we need less stuff. A freezer in a bedroom? Great for late night snacking!
The Second Bathroom:
Its actually not to bad. A few less toys and reading material would solve this and there are no boxes in the tub.

The office closet:

When all else fails blame someone else. This time its Microsoft. We bought a laptop hoping to replace the desk top computer but Vista doesn't work with with most of our peripherals So ... there it is - the office closet.
The Entryway:
As you step over the garbage in the entryway on your way out I want you to know I appreciate your visit. Perhaps you would like a dead scanner to commemorate the occasion? Stop by soon to see what happens here. Either we move AGAIN or there is a massive life reevaluation. I think tomorrow I will listen to some more of the book. By the way I got the audio download rather than buying another book.

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