16 Jun 2009

Back Again

I've spent most of the day revamping the blog. I'm a still a lousy blogger but now its pretty, though lacking in content.

The Christmas decorations are back in the storage locker. That happened about a month after my first post. The December scrapbook is complete and a huge pile of ephemera has been purged. There's only one more tote to go. I've started organizing it by year and scrapping it as I come across the pictures. Unfortunately it seems to pile up faster than I can use it. The place is still over furnished and there's still a pile of stuff at the storage locker. On the other hand, I can actually clean (you know laundry, vacuum and stuff) without having to move piles from one side of the room to the other.

As to settling down and moving to a more appropriate location, that depends on the fate of the disreputable company my husband works for. I promised him that I would not move the tote of memorabilia; it would get cleaned out or tossed. He objects to its weight not its presence and I can't really blame him.

Sid is now swinging himself on the hallway swing. He has good height. Its scary but he seems in full control.

All in all there has been progress and I think I'm winning.

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