4 Jul 2009

More Blog Improvements

Here it is a ridiculously early hour on the 4th of July and I'm adding a slide show. Should be sleeping but I have been sucked into blogland for a few hours now and wanted to change things up a bit. I don't really know why, no one but me reads this. I can tell there's a counter at the bottom. This blog is starting to look better. "If you build it they will come." I hope so.

Last time I put on a pretty "paper" and the counter. This time it was the slide show and my weight loss ticker. Next time I want to figure out how to do a play list. I really like those blogs that have music even if its stuff I wouldn't normally listen to. I don't think the toys will make people come its the content but...

I'm feeling pretty crappy about the weight issue. I eat to many candies but the main problem is exercise so today I started with more "Dirty Laundry." I've got so far to go the whole scale won't fit on the screen. As my Wii says "That's obese" but the journey has begun so wish me luck and sore feet.

As to the other dirty laundry. I think we've hid it in the trunk of the car long enough. Today we were on the floor playing train with Sid. I think I would like to have my floor pillows back. There's also a couple of sewing projects that I can't finish until I have that bag emptied. It's such a pain having to go to the Laundry Mat. I really miss my washer and dryer from the house.

Off to bed for me.
Have a good weekend.

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