25 Jul 2009

Saturday Fun

Having accepted that life is difficult it ceases to be so.

That seems to be true today. We've been bemoaning the loss of our backyard now for almost 2 years, (yikes has it been that long?!), and living with a cluttered mess of backyard furniture on the tiny balcony. It has made it mostly unusable until today. This morning we owned the reality that the yard is gone and though one may come back it won't be for a while so we purged some of the junk. We now have a decent, albeit small, balcony to enjoy our evenings and a place for Sid to have an outdoor swing. The difficulty in letting go of the past, of the stuff that belongs in the past, of that phase of our lives is more than made up for in being able to live the life we now have.

No pictures yet as it is not quite reassembled but soon. DH is on the way out right now to pick up a little table for our evening coffees.

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