27 Jul 2009

Shopping went poorly. I didn't really think I was asking too much to find a table. The small one I talked about it can't really be more than about a foot across all we could find were much too large. It has become a quest item. The second was a table, planting bench, bakers rack or something like that which would fit around the air conditioner that projects onto the balcony. Right now that space is wasted and I thought we could use it for plants. And again I miss my house, not for the backyard but, for the working space. We could easily build a suitable surface but I don't think the neighbors would appreciate the noise and saw dust of a construction project. So it is also has become a quest item.

I think apartment living requires conformity. The balcony can hold 2 deck chairs and a side table. That was the designers intent and the manufacturers of goods seem to agree.
Still we have managed to find a way to hang an outdoor swing and shade part of it so that more than a cactus can be out there. It is just tiring to continually have ideas and be unable to execute on them.

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