10 Jul 2009


As my husband was leaving the house this morning he said Thank God It's Friday, two whole days of no work. That's not how I'm seeing things. On the agenda for this weekend is shampooing the carpets. We've managed to rid ourselves of some more of the clutter and it has become obvious that the floors need help. I'm missing my house today and its hardwood floors. Ok, they needed refinishing but they were wash and waxable and would look good when I cleaned them. This carpet will never look good. What person would decide light beige carpeting was the way to go? What was I thinking when I agreed to live here?
If I ever own an apartment building there will be no carpet in the units. It might be cheaper to lay than decent flooring but its too hard to maintain so needs to be changed after each tenant.

Whining again, sorry.

It was nice this morning cool enough to put on a sweat shirt. I know this sounds weird in July and I don't usually say it until August but I think I can smell fall. There's a smell in the air that I associate with a new year at school. Leaf mould? There seem to be a bunch of trees around dropping their leaves probably parched and under too much stress.

I'm hoping to get caught up on a few projects today before we start shoving furniture around so I had best get out of this chair. I wonder if my feet will still work?

Have a good weekend,
bye for now.

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