18 Aug 2009

I got a comment! :):):) Its really nice to know at least one person read some of this. I appreciate the feed back. Thanks a million.

So what's new. I'm taking a course at Big Picture Scrapbooking. This is my first completed layout.

Its pretty good, I think. Life has gotten away from me since I signed up for the "Recipes for Success". I am upset that its my first one and we are almost at week 3 of a 4 week course. I really want to spend the time to do this work when the class is in session. I always get more out of these when I participate. It's not that there's anything exciting but Sid hasn't been sleeping well so he's difficult and we're tired. The usual junk removal - though I am starting to look for appropriate replacements for some furniture...

I also undertook a challenge to "scrap my theme song" after much thought on the matter I have choosen "Bitch" by Meredeth Brooks. Close runner ups were; The Joker, What I am, I want Money (the Flying Lizards version - the imagery could really go somewhere) and Jack & Diane. I've added "Bitch" to the play list in case someone wants to listen to it.

Oh about the play list, I don't have it set to auto play you need to start it. I'm always annoyed by blogs with a lot of music taking forever to load. This way the blog loads quickly and you can start the music if you want.

DH has started a blog to record the insanity that he works in. He's a good writer so once he gets into the swing it should be amusing, at least for those not living it. You can find him at The Silicon Valley Way

Until tomorrow?

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