26 Aug 2009

This is my entry for the Dream Girls Challenge. It stretches the lace requirement a little by using lace paper. There is just no white lace in this place.

I love doing monochromatic layouts. This was such a fun challenge. Thanks for the inspiration.

Moving on I was thinking as I put this together that my pages in progress binder is getting full again. It does that from time to time. I have ideas, I gather the stuff, I gather the pictures, put it all in a page protector and then ... something happens. I fall apart on the execution. They don't seem to get finished until I say 'enough, finish something.' So I think that's where I am today.

The list looks something like - feel free to laugh at me - ironing, laundry, an altered 12x12 album cover, a baby wipe holder to become a floss holder, the next page in the wedding story (was there snow for the wedding?), a blue woodgrain page, 2 ATC's, and more. Not very likely particularly since I'm sitting here blogging. I'll let you know how stuff turns out.

Thanks for looking
Have a great day.

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