24 Aug 2009

Much ado about nothing

We spent the weekend moving furniture and cleaning off book shelves. The net result, there are 2 books ready to go to a good home. Oh, and the book shelves have been dusted.

I have yet to find a way to dispose of books that doesn't make me feel like I'm tossing my best friend in the garbage. This is one of the hardest parts. Some of these have been with me since I was a teenager. Its silly but, they've been around so long that they feel like they are part of me. I guess they are. I've read them and assimilated them into my experiences so that does make them a part of me. Its just that most are unlikely to be read again by us. So every time one goes I try to console myself by believing that they will go where they will be loved. The only problem is I've haunted enough used books stores to know that unsold books end up in the dumpster eventually.

Well, maybe a little more than 2 books ready to go. The small book case which was in "the office" is now in the living room and the photo albums are out so I can see them. That's a good thing. I will never get all the digital pictures into scrapbooks but I think I can make a big dent in the film ones.

The film photos ended about 4 years ago and are from a time when developing costs had to be budgeted for . That means there are not very many of them. Its kind of a shame and I think there are going to have to be a few pages in the "Early Years" albums with no photo but it does make it easier to sort the mess out. What is the mess? Even though I knew better I put the pictures into sticky albums until "I had time to get back to them." Ugh, like there is ever anymore time than there is today. It seems that everyday gets shorter so I have less time. How can that be, 24 hours is still 24 hours isn't it?

I still use the SLR (not digital) but mostly for nature and still life. I find it takes too long to set up for the average "everyday moment." We have, for quite a while, discussed getting a digital SLR and there is one picked out in case hubby needs to buy a toy but, after much discussion, I can't see that there is a huge advantage except that I would be able to see the picture and be sure it turned out. (Major run on) So, instead we bought a nice point and shoot for everyday. When there is a special event I dust off the Ricoh. My only real complaint with it is its weight.

After a day of that hanging around my neck I feel like I've been in chains. On the more positive side it is from a time before everything was built out of plastic. So when it crashed to the floor with the 70-300mm lense on it the camera survived, the bayonettes survived and shockingly the lense did too.

Everyone is sleeping now and I have a million ideas for today. Can't start any of them until they get out of bed. Uhmm now I understand why my mother vacuumed at 7:oo am.

Have a great day everyone. I see that someone is actually reading these ramblings, thanks. :)

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