24 Sep 2009

Another rough night he slept 4 hours. 4 hours!!!! That's not enough sleep for a 7 year old. If I had any expectation he would nap I wouldn't worry but he doesn't. He's up, playing and happy but wow are we tired. It's not enough sleep for a big person either. Dustin is back in bed, he's got to be functional all day, I can at least close my eyes during the day. It's not real sleeping, its some state between wake and sleep where I can still keep track of things. I think most mothers can do this. I can hear most everything but only respond to 'bad' sounds and somehow I can keep track of time so that I'm not late. Weird skill.

We've discussed my going back to work but I don't think we could manage it. Who would stay up with him when he does this?

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