2 Sep 2009

As promised I would talk about whether I was a clutterbug or a minimalist.

In short I am a minimalist in a clutterbug's home.

Dustin and I combined households, then we got married. For a while there were three households in one. The day after the wedding when I walked in and I thought I was cured of hoarding forever. It was like something from Clean House. Literally, there was only room to open the door. Our honeymoon was spent sorting and repacking. We filled the entire lobby of the apartment building with stuff for the donation truck, not including the dumpster. Then we bought a house...Now, fast forward a few years to the preparations to move to California.
We were pretty sure we wouldn't have as much floor space so we decluttered again and held a huge garage sale, then again and yet another one. I thought we had done well, that is, until we pulled an over-packed Uhaul across the continent followed by the Atlas truck. (scroll down an see the sidebar for a picture of the car. When the movers unloaded one of them commented "you guys won't be here long," as he gazed around at the carnage. I missed this as Dustin supervised but when I arrived it was unimaginable. The apartment, the closets, the balcony, every square inch was full. It took a week of hauling stuff to the dumpster to get the beds set up. This in a person's house (me) who used to say,"it must pack flat and have two purposes," that's how often I moved.

So why did we stay here? Why did we rent it? Because, the way the credit checks work our credit history from Canada can't be transferred to the USA so we basically had to start all over again. Just stupid!!! What that meant was we had to find a place that would rent to people with no credit history and making it worse was that the paper work had gotten so badly screwed up that I didn't have the Visa I was entitled to. Thank you Port Huron border crossing! So our choices were severely limited in which places would rent to us and then again by what was available and still further by the imminent arrival of the Atlas Van. We ended up in a reasonably nice albeit noisy apartment. Our intent was to stay until we could find something more appropriate. Now fast forward a bit more.
What happened next was the collapse of California's economy and a resulting destabilizing of Dustin's company. We decided that it was imprudent to move again to have to evacuate back to Canada when his job finally faded. He has compared going to work to riding the Titanic down. But, as it went down the band played, so, for happier thoughts, its almost reasonable except for the stuff in the storage locker. It's stuff like the dining room table and chairs, the lawn mower, Dustin's tools, the car topper, the Christmas decorations ... Stuff we have used/can see using again. I'm having trouble with that pile.

So am I a hoarder or a minimalist?

Food - NO, expired out, groady out, and it doesn't accumulate. (It can't, there's no room in the cupboards)
Clothes - NO, including shoes. They'll never fit it again and if it does I won't want it.
Toys - I try. Sid doesn't exactly grow out of stuff but he does get bored.
Scrap stuff - yes and no. Supplies no, it accumulates and I use/purge it but I collect ephemera to use and sometimes it just doesn't happen. Right now the count for brochures, bags, tags ... is one Rubbermaid tote. Oh yeah, and a shopping bag.
Knick Knacks- No, although there is a box at the storage locker that I would like to get out. I don't think one box is unreasonable, is it?
Furniture - I guess I have to say yes. I'm in the process of letting go of a couch. Anyone want a free reclining leatherette 3 seater in good shape? Come get it and its yours. lol

If this is your first time here the before pictures are in my very first post. I've got a few more current ones here, although to be honest its not a complete set. I decided yesterday that this place was filthy and started cleaning. You know, walls, oven, floors, high shelves... I'm about half done, bored to death and not about to take pictures with stuff all over. It isn't usually this bad, maybe later today I'll get to taking pictures.

I found the perfect dressers for our bedroom here (perfect because they are the only ones I've found that fit and match lol)

Trace was asking about packing for a crop. I'm always packed as you can see from the totes in the closet pictures. Notice the nice layered effect when things are put away. I think later I'll show you how I sort the stuff into those nice boxes and totes and what happens when I actually scrap. I really can't hoard scrap supplies there just is no more room. Those boxes are exploding!
The bathroom looks the same and yes the box closet is the same as always. I briefly thought about getting rid of the boxes but ... job insecurities and all. I figure I better keep them for a while longer although, the other night when Sid was sleeping I thought it might be nice to have a shower and not bug him. It was tempting to dispose of them.

Well back to work, thanks for looking.
Have a great evening.

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  1. what a journey! love the cello in the pics, and your orderly scrap stuff :)


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