28 Sep 2009

Aw, but I wanted to go

So we aren't in Monterey, we're at home. DH didn't book the time off because I "didn't sound enthusiastic." I wasn't thrilled about the shark but I was keen to get out of here for a few days. We had a communication problem, so I'm at home blogging, scrapping, cleaning, cooking, playing train and all the rest of the normal routine.

As part of the ongoing war on clutter we have decided that we have too many cups. What do you think?

In August I took pictures of select coffee cups from the collection and have decided to scrap them along with their stories. Most of the value of these cups is in the memory rather than the practicality so I think I will put that where it belongs - in a memory book. Removing some of the cups will hopefully free up some space and will certainly mean less dishes! LOL

So here's my first cup layout. Its also the first LO for the blog hop that I'm trying to participate in.

The weekend cybercrop was fun. I enjoyed the challenges and though I didn't get everything finished I got some done. I didn't get to chat much. The 'boys' were demanding this weekend. If Sid wasn't frustrated, hungry, bored or lonely, his father was. I think in the future I should not plan back-to-back weekends for cropping. Apparently they can't do 2 in a row! I do look forward to finishing the rest of the challenges at a more leisurely pace.

One of the challenges this weekend was to make a Halloween tag using some of old supplies. I don't have too much 'old' stuff so I painted instead (with REALLY old art supplies) and made this.

The glimmer doesn't show up very well but it has a real shine to it in certain areas (a bit green in the pic). This was a happy accident. I started by spraying the tag in glimmer mist (Jack 'o Lantern and Kiwi) The result was, as I had hoped, an orangey brown colour. I then let it dry and painted Indian Ink over top with a dry brush to get the deep shadows. To lighten it up and try and capture the light reflecting from the moon I added a bit of water to the brush. Surprise, the glimmer started lifting. When I think about it of course it did, Glimmer Mist is a water base. I ended up with a quite soupy mix on the paper. I had stamped and glittered the moon first. If I do it again I will seal it so the glitter didn't come off.

Hope you have had a creative day
Thanks for looking :)

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