25 Sep 2009

Busy weekend ahead

I'm so excited Scrapgal's Fall Haul Crop is starting today. I really should be getting ready - making dinner, laundry ... You know the usual stuff so that we can ride out a couple of days with minimal Mum work. I'm making cabbage casserole. It has forgiving cook times and reheats well so that is my second order of business, right after I finish this. It will be fun and, I hope, I'll feel less pressure than last weekend.
The other thing going on is a blog hop. It starts here. I'm not sure if I will actually participate but I will certainly be looking at the blogs. I just love all the inspiration and ideas that come from other peoples (and companies blogs).
Finally the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a Great White shark and DH has decided that we should go see it. That means he is taking Monday and Tuesday off of work. Woo Hoo!!! I can think of other things I would rather be doing with time off but Sid will enjoy it. He loves sharks. That would make him a pretty normal boy. I think we will also spend some time at the Dennis the Menace playground. It is just the greatest place. Lots of room to run and fenced in from the parking area and water. Beautiful safe place for kids! One of its other features is larger playground equipment. There is equipment there the right size and challenge level for the 12-16 olds. I remember being that age and everything was too small and boring which led to some umh ..., well ..., less than parentally approved activities. (Is that a word parentally? You know what I mean.)

Got to get to work now
Have a fun Friday :)

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