29 Sep 2009

Catch up Day

Did you ever look at the mess in your scrapping area and realize there were a dozen or so unfinished layouts? Not just ideas in waiting but half done and staring at you. Its enough to make me close the door and go away. Unfortunately, I'm scrapping in the bedroom and there's only room for one on the couch so today I decided to tackle the pile and clean up the bedroom.
I think the reason the pile accumulates is I'm not happy with how they turned out but I don't want to redo it. There are too many other things to move on to. So these are the latest but not likely greatest things to get finished.

These first two one, I have no idea why they weren't loaded to the gallery. They were both completed for the SIS Anniversary Crop.

This was for the 'So You Think You Can Scrap' challenge. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. All those flowers came in a grab bag that came with 'any order placed' from one of my many favourite stores.

This one is also from the SIS Anniversary. The name of the challenge may have been 'Pick a Word'. This is why I like to get these up right away. I forget things like names. I've been really bad lately about keeping track of what supplies I have used so I can't list them. Oops!

This one was created using a technique in one of the SIS Anniversary tutorials. It was intended to be used on cards but I had the wrapping paper from Gramma's gift so I tried it. Oh, Sid likes pink so I guess its OK to use pink on a boy layout.

This was from the SIS Anniversary round robin. From the round robin, I've finished it by cleaning up the title and adding some journaling.

This collage I've been working on since I did the tribute page for Dad. I used the leftover coloured acrylic gel as a medium to adhere and seal the page. The recipe is for the pie in the picture and is worth making. Its a bit runny but very yummy.

I just looked back and realized I never posted the acrylic gel technique. This will probably work better with the Making Memories scrapbook glaze. See here for more details.

Phew, that's all for today. That did make a dent but there is another pile just a big waiting for me and the bedroom isn't yet clean.

Work hard
Thanks for looking


  1. All of these are just amazing!!!! I can't pick a favorite because I love all the detail in every single one!

  2. I love how experimental you are in your art! Beautiful work!


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