15 Sep 2009

Decluttering Update

I got a comment on the cello. I love that piece of furniture and it is one of my biggest problems in the war on clutter. I really don't want to get rid of it but it's huge. I always called it a base so I guess the scale doesn't show in the pictures. Anyways, it isn't a real instrument. My instrument is piano which doesn't suit our "mobile lifestyle" or as my father called it "your Bohemian life." I've tried others but I just don't feel comfortable with them. I'm digressing, it's a storage cabinet.That's about half of the CD's. Before we moved, I sat down and ripped them all thinking that when we got here I would ditch them. We put a lot of the songs onto the Ipod for the drive out only to find that not everything ripped successfully. We noticed in Nebraska and really missed the music in Whyoming. It's painfully slow to go back and listen to every song from every CD. Ugh! Not to mention that the computer capable of ripping at reasonable speeds is in a closet and it gets REALLY hot in there when that thing is working.

I thought I'd share this gem.
This happened when looking for one piece of paper.

It took about an hour to clean up. That's why I go in fits and starts on the scrapping. I have to reconcile myself to the mess and once I start I don't want to spend half of my scrapping time getting out and putting away. Of course the real solution is getting rid of some of it. You know buying only what I need ...

Ahh, the war continues.

Next up, I altered a mason jar for Scrap Gal's Jar 'O Whimsy swap. I've never done anything like it. I had a lot of fun playing with alcohol inks, glimmer mist and fixatives but I think the most fun I had was trying to figure out what the recipient would like in it. Honestly, that was the best part. So here's a pic of the finished item just before it went in the box.

Here's some better ones:

Thanks For looking
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