23 Sep 2009

Things I forgot part 2 and other being alive stuff

Things I forgot

4) The donor of the tags was Judean. Sorry.
I'm really bad with names. Faces I don't forget but names. Oh well, I'm not perfect.

Other being alive stuff

More on scrappy mess.

Thanks for the comment Judean about my orderly scrap stuff. I can store everything well. I even have room for my new slice (it's so cool) in the cubbyholes. It actually fits like I had planned for it. The problem isn't storage; it's using stuff. So I showed you the pic of what happens when I try to find a piece of paper so, here's what happens when I try to actually make something.

This was before things got really wild with the paper flying, paint splattering, piles of ribbon, garbage on the floor... It got much, much worse. This was about 8:00am Saturday when I still had delusions of remaining organized. By the end of the weekend DH was sleeping with Sid and I in the lazy boy. OK, this was an extreme case, and we moved the table into the bedroom just for the occasion. I'm not sure that is bad though, normally the bedroom looks like this and then there's a trail leading out to the dining area where the table lives. Uhm, containment vs eating at a table. Here's the real problem every time I go to do anything, everything has to moved out and then moved back in. A lot of work but more importantly a lot of wasted time. I finally finished tidying up the mess yesterday evening when I got to cleaning my stamps. I guess I'm not quite done as they are still sitting on a paper towel in the bathroom.

A few notes on the cubby holes 'cause I think they are cool:
  • We bought them in St. Catharines (map quest calls it Saint Catharines - it's wrong. I've contacted them about this error but they ignored me.)
  • They were part of one of those youth beds that have the desk underneath. Unfortunately for the store the bed was damaged in shipping and so they had to sell the good pieces off at a huge discount.
  • They used to live in the kitchen under the phone to hold phone books, lunch bags etc.
  • We added a mosaic tile top to them to make them more kitchen friendly.
  • One of the few things damaged in the move was that tile top but I have all the pieces. So someday when I'm not scared of getting tile adhesive on the landlord's carpet I'll fix it. (Assuming we still want them at that point)
I'm looking at that picture of the bed and thinking it doesn't look that bad but it was!!! It took 3 hours Sunday night to make the bedroom usable - not tidy, just usable.

Other stuff. Sid slept last night which was really nice. He had a hard time settling down but by 10:30 he was out and he stayed asleep all night at least I assume he did because I never heard him. He has me so trained now that I just get up at 5 whether he sleeps or not.
We are discussing vacation plans but have a fairly large gap in agendas. He wants a big trip. I want to do all the "local" stuff, the Jelly Belly factory tour, the Charles Schultz museum, find gravenstein apples at a farmers market, go into San Francisco etc.

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