9 Sep 2009

This post isn't exactly about scrapping. Its about the lack of it. I'm suffering from a lack on inspiration. Oh, there's lots of inspiring people and challenges going on but I'm just really not motivated at the moment. I've shopped, I've sorted, I've got lists, I've got projects stuck in mid stream but I just can't seem to get it together to do anything creative with paper right now. So I'm giving myself permission to scrap off for a little while.

I seem to be more organization focused at the moment so I'm tackling another of the clutter issues. I can't remember if I described the bag of laundry. It was a large garbage bag full of over sized items - pillows, a comforter and things that needed to go to the large capacity washers found at the laundry mat. The dread I feel at going into the laundry mat is completely unreasonable but it prevented me from tackling the bag for oh, a while, like almost a year. Well its done! All of that stuff is home clean and dry. (and put away)

Some of it was unavoidable dirt but one particular piece was a body pillow that ended up with almost a full cup of coffee on it. I can reasonably expect such a thing to happen again, despite my best intentions. So what to do to prevent another trip to the Little Shop of Horrors, a waterproof cover. Except, that I can't seem to find such a thing.

When putting away the laundry I came across a forgotten twin sized mattress protector. It looked about right and I thought 'hey a couple of seams and a zipper and I think it will work.' It did :) I finished the cover in about an hour and it fit reasonably well. A little tight but not too shabby. Point for the decluttering team. One piece of junk transformed into a useful object and almost no money spent (just the 36" zipper).

So if you want to do this, you will need a twin sized waterproof mattress protector. It was the kind with the quilted waterproof top on top, fabric and elastic on the sides. A body pillow - mine was nothing special. I think it came from Wal-Mart and a zipper. How big is up to you. It needs to be large enough to get the pillow through and into the correct orientation. Remove the part of the mattress protector which covers the edge of the mattress. That leaves only the mattress pad and if you are lucky all of the edges will be finished. Stitch the two ends together - right side facing in of course. Then install the zipper and finish the long seam. It's not completely waterproof, there can be some leakage around the edges and zipper but it should prevent another coffee disaster. (Sorry no pics - my hands were full)

So I've been looking around at some of the other sewing projects that have been accumulating. I may not have mentioned this but I hate machine sewing, really despise it. Mum managed to teach me how only by force of personality. Now I avoid it but I have a problem. If I want something, like the pillow protector, and can't buy it then I say I can make that. So I plan the project, get the materials, then, something like work comes next and it gets postponed. Usually for so long that the whole thing becomes irrelevant. (adding to the clutter issue)

Not all sewing is bad. I love handwork, beading, embroidery, even mending as long as it's not done with the beast. I call it a beast because it weighs a ton. It is one of my mother's rejects and I'm pretty sure I know why. On the positive side it sews, it has a free arm, and it was free. I think for the next little while I think I will have the beast out. Just think of all the scrapbook supplies I will have room for once the sewing projects are out of the closet. LOL

Have a Great Day

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