12 Oct 2009


Unfortunately, doing 'creative' things while playing computer seems to be impossible so I had lots of time this week while I was feeding disks into the computer to think. Why is it some days I can sit down and just churn out LOs, write, and paint not to mention draw with results that are actually pleasing? Other days I can't seem to do anything well. Sadly, the other days seem to be in the majority recently.

What is the difference between those days? I don't really know. I think part of it is outside distraction but definitely not all, or even most of it.

I'm not alone in pondering this question.
enjoy these video's if this question has occurred to you
part 1
part 2

DH is off today. He has a job interview tomorrow. So, today is dedicated to the haircut, suit pressing, company research ... We would like it to go well so he can get out of the madhouse that he's currently working in (see his blog) but on the other hand it is just down the road and doesn't get us any closer to home.

I don't dislike it here but we are a LONG way from our people. When I look out the window at the great wall of North America,(the mountains), separating me from the rest of the continent I feel very isolated. We probably live in the wrong place for there doesn't seem to be much community here. I truly hope it is just this place and getting a new job will give us the excuse to move to a more appropriate neighbourhood.

One thing which really bugs me is closing the parks after dark. It gets dark at 7:30pm now and it certainly isn't cold here so we could take Sid out for a swing in the evening but the signs say we can't. Why???? At home the parks are lit at night so real people can use them. (real people in large enough numbers scare the hooligans) There are just as many undesirables in Canada as there are here and fewer police. Sure after about 11 I wasn't keen on the parks but after supper we could go out. The way this is there's no place to go unless we want to take a 7 year old shopping. Those signs only keep honest people out. The hooligans will still be there.