3 Oct 2009

Too much time to think

Had a really quiet day. DH went car shopping while Sid and I played train. I had lots of time to think which got me wondering how is it that sometimes I can walk into a room and feel completely out of place, completely unwelcome for no particular reason? This is before even talking to anyone. Has that ever happened to you, there seem to be hostile feelings coming at you for no reason? The funny thing is I usually ignore that gut reaction - its my imagination, self confidence, its not real, whatever - I come up with a reason and stay for a while. In the end I leave with really hurt feelings and never even know what I've done. My greatest sin as far as I can ever tell is merely being me. :(

1 comment:

  1. I have felt this way many times. Especially at work when I walk in on my work mates.


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