23 Oct 2009

Falling Leaves

I finished this today.

The picture is of Sid one leaf raking afternoon in St.Catharines. I had one of those happy accidents when making it. There are real leaves on it which I ironed between two sheets of waxed paper. (remember doing that?) I don't have a dedicated crafting iron so I use my clothes iron and cover the wax paper (top and bottom) with an old paper bag.

I noticed that the the leaf veins , edges of the leaf, and the stems were leaving an impression on the bags. So I did it again using high gloss card stock on the bottom instead of the paper bags. It left beautiful impressions and so I inked it like the wax paper resist technique. The result turned out beautifully. Tomorrow we're going leaf hunting and I hope to show you the result using fresh leaves which I think will be clearer.

The background was created using leaves as a mask for Glimmer Mist and then stamped using more leaves. I painted the veiny side of the leaf and then pressed it onto the paper. I glued the masking leaves down and then sealed the whole thing with Mod Podge and acrylic fixative (to get rid of the stickiness). You probably can't see it but the whole thing shines.

The week is done and nothing exciting happened which, I guess is a good thing. I'm feeling incredibly behind at everything. It seems as soon as I pick it up, it's down again, I clean it, it's dirty ... working hard and getting nowhere. On a treadmill? Oh well, it's probably the road destruction that has been going on outside our apartment for days now. The jack hammer and dust are driving me crazy but that's not a far trip.

Have a great weekend

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