10 Oct 2009

Thanks to people looking and Nerdy Stuff

I uploaded a new layout to may gallery today and noticed that everything is being looked at, wow! I'm amazed, thanks everyone. You made me very happy today. :) I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I've enjoyed creating. In case you wondered they are sorted chronologically by picture date - not completion date.

The rest of this post is about my trials and tribulations in the computer world.
Thanks for looking if this topic doesn't interest you, it doesn't interest me much either but that's what I've been doing.

Well, it's now Saturday evening and I have two computers up,running, networked and connected to the internet. The notebook required a new power cord and a trip to the computer doctor to get some soldering done on the power adapter socket. All fixed and ready to go. The overheating problem is still around but that is, so I'm told by the expert, what this brand of computer does. Of course, his store sells a different brand which, naturally, doesn't overheat. I wonder what it does instead?

I've spent the better part of the week cleaning up the desktop computer. It was so slow that I have been ignoring it except when I needed to print. Sunday I decided that if I wasn't going to fix it, it should be removed as clutter. So, first a full back up onto the removable hard drive. (If it's not connected it should be safe right?) Then, onto a hard drive format to remove whatever was slowing it down and installing drivers, software, brand new anti-virus software (I think that is a bit like voodoo, but who am I to judge?) and then the network. The network was fine until the new software was installed. Fiddling, fudging and finally in the most graceless way possible it is forced to work. Next comes the internet which works painlessly. I've now restored all of the files, bookmarks, pictures, fonts, ... and I'm good to go.

Don't be a nerd this weekend go do something fun!
Thanks for reading, talk to you later

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  1. Love your layouts and glad you were able to get your computers squared away. It's kind of scary how attached we are to our computers and how upset we get when they don't respond the way we think that they should. Hope you have a good week!


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