29 Oct 2009

A Memory Card at Last

First up, one of the girls from scrapgal is having a blog give away and has invited everyone to participate and tell a friend. I don't know if anyone actually reads this but not all 243 hits are me being a narcissist. So go on over here and leave her a comment. I have to say I agree with her in this era of box stores and mass produced junk I think ETSY is a great thing.

Next up, I've resorted my junk or I mean stuff, moved the furniture, cleaned off the shelves, pulled clothes out of drawers and ... You get the idea. I'm finally going to admit that the card for my camera is gone. There were only a couple of weeks of pictures on it but some of them were of Sid's very belated 7th birthday. Oh well, there will be more birthdays and maybe we'll even celebrate at the right time. On the positive side I found the TV remote that's been missing for a while now.

Finally I dragged out the old card, it just had less capacity and got this layout photographed. Its too bad I missed the deadline but I still want to share it. The inspiration for this came from this blog. I just love her work.

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  1. that layout shouts vacation time! Beautiful! I drew your name for the class for a cause. Please email me at irisbabaouy@yahoo.com so I can give you the password and username. thank you!


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