21 Oct 2009

Most recent Layouts

So what's happening here; well, not much. DH has had a second interview, we can only hope that is going somewhere and I've been staring at a pile of scrapping stuff for a while pretending to do something.

Yesterday I put aside a bunch of more important things like dishes and laundry and decided to actually do something rather than just shuffle the piles around. I actually feel better now, more positive. My thanks for the kind comment on my experimental side. I think some of my experiments look a bit junky but I put them up in case someone else derives inspiration, can learn from them or even likes them.

I'm trying to decide right now whether I should take the plunge into real mixed media. I have an idea for the current challenge at Bad Girls Project 52 but do I really need more on my plate? I really don't have a place that I can paint in except the bathroom. LOL

So here's a few that have popped out in the last couple of days.

The first two are for A Fall Festival Online Crop at Memories Always Forever. I had fun with it this weekend though I didn't actually finish anything until yesterday.

This one was a challenge to use orange. I think there's lots of orange here. I love the velvet ribbon that comes with Cosmo Cricket's boyfriend collection. It's a fabulous orange and yet it could be mixed with light peach colours on a girl page.

In this one the challenge was to use a sketch. I used the sketch but as always it evolved. I don't know if you will be able to read the journaling but the fear wasn't the zip line it was of a faux pas in front of head of DH's division at work. Company trips can be stressful!

This one was for the Creative Type Blog. The prompt was masking which is a technique I adore. He is such a sport! He was trying to figure out a way to mass produce the ribbon flowers found in this one and didn't grumble too much when I took pictures. Shhh, let's hope he doesn't read my blog for a few days, he might not appreciate this as much. LOL

Have a sunshiny day


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog a couple weeks ago. I really like your pictures. Have a great day! Amber

  2. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog :)
    Love your masking LO too!! Viv


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