26 Oct 2009

What a weekend!!

Saturday I accidentally deleted all my pictures from the hard drive and spent all of yesterday using file recovery software to get them back. It worked fairly well but not perfectly. I am so glad I uploaded the best ones to scrapbookpictures.com. I was able to get almost all of the good ones back. It is still a painful loss. I see a full disc backup coming this week.

Saturday started with tripping and tossing a full jug of lemonade at Dustin. It was on the walls, the drapes, the carpet and of course soaked him from head to toe. So we no sooner got that cleaned up than the humming bird syrup exploded - please don't ask how, it's too stupid - and got him again, not to mention the freshly cleaned floors and carpets. He banished me to the couch saying he'd had enough showers for one day which was when I had another spastic moment and deleted the pictures.

So Sunday was spent recovering files, and the leaf hunting never occurred. It's too bad because by next weekend there will be no good ones left. I didn't make the deadline for the layout I was working on at the everyday scrapper because I was sure I would ruin it. Today I finished it but I can't show it because the memory card for the camera has now walked away.

Oh yeah and the layout from Friday got hit with lemonade too. I'm hoping it can be salvaged, there was a lot of sealant on it.

There you go Rachael. Leave me a comment if you read this.

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  1. that totally sounds like a Rachel post, she of when it rains it pours fame...Hope things atart to look up for ya!


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