16 Nov 2009

A full weekend of scrapping - Thanks DH!

Warning Lots of Pictures

So here's the result of a weekend worth of scrappiness. It was a lot of fun over at Scrappy Times' first birthday crop. It really distresses me that you have to be a member to see what is going on but its no big deal to sign up. I think I even saw a place to quit if you aren't interested.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I love challenges. So without further ado on with the crop. These are probably not in the actual order, just the order I remember them in.

1. The first challenge was to use a sketch. The sketch was a circle which is something I don't normally do. I find them hard to work with but that's what challenges are all about - making me grow.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

What's better than a Sunday afternoon nap?

2. Second came an altered chip board tutorial with something extra if you made a LO with them. It was super easy and fun.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook
The best thing about this was that it was light out so we could go out after Dustin got home from work. Here we are in mid-November and it's dark by 5:30 PM. That is just not much fun in the evenings!

3. What would a birthday be without birthday cards? Of course, there was a card challenge. This one was to colour in a stamped image on a birthday card.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

4. Another Saturday challenge was a bingo card wall hanging. I hardly ever do altered items but I happened to have a bingo card which came from The Found Paper Company Etsy shop.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook
Water play is probably Sid's favourite thing in the whole world. His face comes alive. It's truly wonderful to be a part of. Since I have hardly any free wall space, I will likely mount this and insert it in an album.

5. Sunday I woke up to a challenge called for the love of paint. I hardly ever paint on my LOs which is really silly considering how much paint is around here. Seems even on scrapbook pages I have issues with a blank canvas. Just for laughs look at this. It was in Saturday's paper. I had a good laugh with it. (just don't get me in trouble)
From Carolyn's Scrapbook
What can I say it was priceless. Sid being just like Daddy. he has never really showed any interest in him before. I'm feeling a bit like chopped liver these days.

6. Another Sunday challenge was called 3 Rules. It required 13 buttons, paint (again), and 2 pics. 13 buttons!!!!! Fun challenge though.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook
This new toy was a real shock to me. I had no idea he would like it! We can spend all afternoon playing with it. I wish he wasn't so timid in his hand usage. He definately knows which piece he wants to go where as he puts my hand on the 'right' piece in the 'right' place. Finally, he's ready for building toys.

7. The last challenge was a felt pin cushion tutorial. I didn't get it finished but since I happen to have a frog on my list of things that need making I think it will come in handy. There were a couple of games. It was a really great way to spend the weekend.

Hoping yours was just as good,
thanks for looking

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