3 Dec 2009

We went away!!

At long last we went away for the weekend. It wasn't a particularly exciting trip but we went to Monterey again. I've now been enough times that the Aquarium has ceased to amaze me. I guess it's like living 10 miles down the road from Niagara Falls was. Yep, the water is still going over and after a few trips through the touristy stuff there wasn't much reason to go, still, it is one thing we can do that Sid really loves. Like with Niagara Falls, where the pounding of the water falling was always amazing, standing in the main viewing area of the Giant Kelp Tank is still stunning.

The pictures weren't fantastic. I seemed to be missing the composition skill as well as lighting, focus and almost every other skill involved in operating a camera but there might be a couple which you will probably see later.
The trip itself was pretty boring: Playground, swimming, sleep, eat and aquarium repeat until exhausted, maybe I'll tell you the story of the camera. My pictures are mostly digital but sometimes when I don't think my point and shoot is up to the task I drag along the dinosaur. Yes, I use film.

Just before Sid was born we decided we needed to upgrade the camera. Dustin had a 35mm, 1 step above disposable, and I had a 110 I had never seen a reason to upgrade. Being somewhat broke in those days we went to the second hand stores but they wanted more than we could spend so we ended up at the pawn shop. We did have the serial numbers checked and to the best of our knowledge it wasn't stolen. I feel guilty about that camera, maybe someone who was down on there luck had had to pawn it. I don't really think that is true. I think the real story is that the camera was too old and they couldn't sell it or were not willing to put in the effort necessary to sell it. Which makes us the proud (?) owners of a Pentax, steel bodied camera. It is virtually indestructible making it perfect for adventuring except for the weight of lugging it.

My big problem with replacing it - and Dustin is trying - is why? I don't very often expect to use it so I rarely carry it. The bag, the lenses, the set up time ... it's a hassle. Sometimes it is worth it but often not. A digital SLR still has the same problems. Now it does have instant gratification going for it. So I know would know if my sardine pictures worked but the cost!! $$$ (in my head I'm still back in the bad old days)

Also, I've been told that the bayonets and bodies on the 'new' cameras are not as strong. I've dropped that camera with the 50-300mm lens on it onto concrete. The lens doesn't seem to be quite what it once was but the bayonets held and the camera is fine. Fact, I am a Klutz. Having accepted the difficulty it ceases to be difficult. I will drop it, so I just plan for it. Which brings up stabilization not of me of the image. It has never been a problem for the Pentax. So why add to the complexity. In fact that about sums up my feelings on the whole camera issue. Why add more complications to our life?

There's a thought to begin this season.

Remember to breath from the diaphragm
Have a great day

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