20 Jan 2010

Rainy Morning

In the very wee hours of this morning the rain started bucketing down and my nose started pouring - which it does every time it rains. I got up to wait the air pressure transition out and did what I always do, surf the web. Inspiring! Seriously, if you've ever blogged I was probably visiting this morning. I really must get better at leaving comments there is a lot of great projects out there.

Last year I mailed calendars to my Mum and MIL. I thought it was a good idea but I didn't get started early enough so all the calendars were done from cardstock to wrapped and in the mail in 2 weeks. That was insane! I decided that this year I would do them one month at a time. So obviously I'm working on January 2011 right now. Note to self: We really need to do something to get some interesting pics.

As you know I've also been working on sketches for Scrapgal's January sketch contest so my brain is in sketch gear. Off to Page|Maps I go and what do I find out. They are having a sketch contest with this sketch.

The prize is a collection pack of BOTH Sugar Rush and Origins. I have been lusting over the Origins line. I love those colors!! There is also a digital prize and if I had any clue as to how to do a digital layout I would be entering that one. The field is very thin. (Hint, Hint)

I don't really like getting up at 3:00 AM. By 5:00 I want to do something and everyone else is still fast asleep. Then by mid afternoon I'm ready for a nap and supper needs to be made and the whole bedtime routine is, well, uhm ... a challenge. The whole day is out of whack. That's why I miss the snow so much, once there was a hard frost (killing frost as my mother calls it) I would have several months of uninterrupted sleep. And yes driving in snow sucks but I actually enjoy shoveling (sick I know).

Hoping you slept well

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