28 Jan 2010

Online Reorg.

A Long Post

I did some reorganisation of my online album and some of the layouts here disappeared. I hope I have fixed them all now. If something is missing that you want to see leave me a comment.

I've lost a friend. She's gone missing after requesting that people vote for her. If she is lurking about, go see the Gals there should be some really cool pig pictures up soon. And, hey , I haven't forgotten about voting I keep checking in hopefully soon they will have the poll up again. Enough cryptic stuff.

I've been busy this week scrapping and cleaning. I'm trying to get my house in order. Mum's coming and I only have 6 weeks to get ready. It terrifies me when she comes to visit. It's like room inspection when I was a kid. You know how that one goes.

"Go clean your room", she orders with the Saturday morning I'm on a mission to clean this pig sty up tone.
"Done now Mum", I say as I try to scamper out the door. And then she comes in.

Of course, the first thing she did was open my closet where I've shoved everything. As a mother I understand how she psychically knew where to look but somehow her visits still inspire that dread that I felt when she walked over to the closet much as I look forward to seeing her. Onwards to more fun stuff. (I wouldn't want to get done too early or I'll have to do it again.)

First up, a layout I did for a Crate Paper contest, only it didn't get submitted since I'm a l'oooser and missed the deadline. I was sure it was the 27th in fact I wrote it down as the 27th but really it was the 26th. D'oh!!!
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

The room was labeled as "partial ocean view", which was more than adequate. A lot of cropping was involved to get rid of the balcony wall and parking lot from the original picture. I don't remember that stuff being there anyway, that view is what I remember.
Paper is all Crate Paper and the added color is chalk. When I was laying this out the "trellis" looked right and I couldn't figure out why. Then I looked at the original picture again and saw that the support columns on the balcony had a lattice look to them.

Next - everyone has dreams. Well I dream of a clean, organised, clutter free, spacious bathroom. I hate beige - it always looks like dirty white to me and the fixtures in this place are beige. In fact I would say that our bathroom has no features I would like to keep but, it's rented so there's not much I can do but dream.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

I was able to get the ghosty look, (who really wants to see my bathroom, with a piece of vellum. The frame was part of the vellum paper, as were the sunflowers. If you like the dream room it is from the CB2 catalogue which came in the mail last week. Thickers, some KI Memories lace cardstock, a couple of stamps, some pewter embossing powder and some black Stazon were used. Onwards...

Scrap Gal's January Sketch contest continues. These are my takes on the sketches.

Sketch #3
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

Sketch #6
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

Only #'s 6&7 left to go. (4 and 5 are done but this post is getting tooo long

Have a great weekend

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