29 Jan 2010

She's back

I know not many of you read this but if you do my friend is back and she needs our help. She's a semifinalist in the Purple Cows competition and she needs our votes.
Her layout is #19 and the prize is $5000 in Purple Cows equipment. I can't see her layout anymore maybe you can. It's awesome, soooo Rachael. Get out there and lobby girl!!! Please go vote for her at the Purple Cows Blog.

Now regarding CHA pigs, Rachael made this pig for a happy mail swap over at scrapgal and it went to CHA. (you can read about the travels of the pig here.
I hear she is making (has made?) another one and I thought I would post a bit of inspiration. These pics are from one of my sons books called the Patterned Pigs written by Emma Dodd.

Just my wacky sense of humour at work again. Good luck.

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