13 Jan 2010

Two Things - A new toy and an idea

Topic #1 - A new toy

DH was a sport and bought me a heat tool for Christmas. He said there were instructions for stripping paint. What??? I haven't refinished furniture in years and I don't really want to get into that kind of project without a good place to get really mucky. Besides that would mean getting more furniture which we definitely don't need.

But, it was on my wish list because I wanted to try embossing so here's my first attempt. Well not really first. I made sure it worked on scrap paper first.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook
I was inspired to do this by Scrapgal's January Top 10 contest. You can see the details here if you are interested. Unfortunately my sparkly butterflies didn't show up well unless the lo was in so much light it was bleached out. So here's the detail

I still need some practice lining things up but I'm pretty happy with the result.

The paper and border is Crate Paper, the flowers are Prima, the frame MME, The sticker quote is Chatterbox, and the Calendar Jenni Bowlin. It's one of the best pictures ever taken of me. It's too bad DH forgot to put the flash on. It was taken one morning in Mauii.

Topic #2 - another storage idea

I don't know how you store your holiday decorations but I use plastic totes.

The pile:
Every year DH dutifully hauls them out of storage. It's an event much like some people go get a tree. The first year he complained the lids were popping off. (maybe they are too full?) so before they went back I wrapped them in packing tape like they had been for the move. The second year when I took the tape off there was sticky residue left on the totes - yuck, but the lids didn't pop off. So last year I had him drill some holes in the handles and we stuck twine through them to tie them shut. It worked well enough but he tied them so tightly I had to cut. I'm a bit obsessive about waste so this year I found reusable cable ties.

I think it will work well.
How to:

My totes came with handles that already had holes in bottom half so we only had to drill one set of holes but it could be done with other styles.

DH says he likes them done up on top so that the knobby part is not cutting into his hands.

For those of you following the de-cluttering process, "The Pile" is one tote smaller this year. About half went to the trash, some was donated, and some was more efficiently packed. I adhered to the rule this year that if it wasn't put up (or used) it went. Painful for me but it's done and I feel better.

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  1. oh yes! Much better view! I love the embossed butterflies!! Fantastic!!


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