21 Jan 2010

Up again

Here it is 1:00 AM and I'm up sniffling again. It's not contagious, I'm not sick though I wish I were because then I would eventually get better. It's allergies!

Anyways, I promised my self that this blog wasn't for whining over things that can't be changed. It's a place to discuss the positive.

So I'm reading random message boards and blogs when I come across a really interesting idea. This woman "credits herself" with $1 for every layout she does. Then when she has enough credit saved up she can buy some scrappy stuff. I like that. It would definitely result in stash reduction and layout production. I believe that cardstock and adhesive were exempt but in my case cardstock would have to count too.

Oh and for the record that would mean I owe myself about 130 layouts of which I've done 10. 120 to go before I can ... How about I just start at even right now.

Just a thought


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