15 Feb 2010

What is he doing?

Since you asked he's in line getting his Ontario drivers license renewed. There is a graduated licensing system there and it works like this: when you start driving you get a beginners permit (written test only) which allows you to drive in town and on roads where the speed limit is 80km/hr (50 miles/hr) or less provided you have a fully licensed driver over the age of 18 in the car with you, after a year you can take a road test which then allows you to do all of that by yourself and drive on roads (controlled access highways generally) with higher speed limits as long as a fully licensed driver with you in the car. Then after another year you take a second test and get your full license. From time to time (I forget how long) it comes up for renewal.

Normally the renewal can be done via mail but every 5 years it is neccessary to get a new picture and then you have to go in in person. This is year 5 for him I have a couple of more years. You have some time if you let your license expire to renew it or you have to start all over (big tax grab if you ask me).

In other states there are treaties so that an Ontario license can be exchanged for a state license (NY, NJ, PA, OH, MI are ones I know about) and vise versa so we would have traded in our Ontario licenses. There is no treaty with CA so if we ever plan on going back to Ontario (which looks more and more likely every day) we have to keep the Ontario drivers licenses current. Bureaucracy Ughh!!!

Nothing serious, really, just more pain in the A paperwork that if we could figure out where we were going to live would be completely unnecessary.

That's actually why I started this blog, Post/Pre Moving Trauma, to talk about the constant state of up upheaval around here due to his job. (I got distracted with far more positive stuff). He likes his job, hates the company, thinks they are a bunch of crooks and it looks like they're going to go belly up every month. Somehow they always manage to find another couple of suckers (investors) to put in money so they stay afloat another month. Constant stress about whether this is the last paycheck or not. If you skip to my first post you can see my "box closet" - second bathroom. This is not how I live nor is it how I want to live but I have no faith that this is a permanent gig. I don't dislike it here but the INS says if they go belly up we have 10 days to get out of the country. Considering driving the Uhaul back across those mountains gives me nightmares. To go stay where? In a tent in my mother's yard? I can't stay in her house because of the animals. Love them though I do,I just get too sick and would be useless to everybody. (No drama statement of fact)

Oh, and because there is no treaty with CA we both had to get brand new licenses here which we just renewed in August. Don't you love paying taxes to two governments for the same thing.

Apologies to my readers for a tantrum.
Some blog post, eh?

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