25 Feb 2010

Who's been a bad blogger

Well, I have and not a very productive scrapper either but I have been a very good organiser. I decided to undertake a MAJOR resorting of all my scrap stuff in the middle of taking a course. Not very bright I'll admit but I was tired of looking for material to scrap. Not the pictures those are reasonably easy though, my hard drive could use a clean up, no I mean the ephemera, junk, trash, garbage or whatever you want to call it.

I'm an incorrigible pack rat and save ticket stubs, brochures, bags with logos on it, cards, letters, bits of interesting packaging, paper napkins, ribbon, strings ... These bits of life have been disappearing. Not going away just vanishing into boxes, drawers, other bags and anywhere else they could creep into except onto the scrapbook pages that I saved them for. So I've been gathering them up and filing them into what I hope will be a usable way. Unfortunately there has been a side affect, the rest of the apartment looks like a bomb went off. I keep telling DH that it has to get worse before it get better but I'm not entirely sure when that will happen.

So a quick update on my course. Lesson 12 goes up tomorrow and I have completed lessons 1,2,3,5,and 8. Must get going on this but it is really hard when there isn't a horizontal surface in the place to scrap on. Maybe I'll have to move to the floor. LOL

These layouts are for the class and I'm deliberately keeping them very simple. It is a design class and I would like to focus on the design aspects and not get into technique. Besides it would be very hard to get artsy in this mess.

Lesson 1 BLOCKED

Lesson 2 GOLDEN



Lesson 8 BANDED

It's been a really good course. If you get a chance to take it I think it's worth the money.

Thanks for coming by.

I have some other stuff too I hope to get up tomorrow but if not have a great weekend.
---- Carolyn ----

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