19 Mar 2010

And out of the box came

Thing one and thing two and thing three and four and ...

I need to do some sewing to finish sticker week. I've, as usual, got all the sewing projects in a box so I've decided to clean those out while the machine is set up. So if you don't see me for a while I'm busy stabbing myself with pins and needles.

Before I go bury my self in fabric I thought I would show you the first attempt at a hanging embellishment organiser. It's not bad but, it isn't taking full advantages of the vertical height that's available.

These are the pieces that will be the hanging organiser. I love the green and pink fabric. It coordinates beautifully with the Basic Grey Lemonade I covered my Do It box in and the American Crafts Albums. It's not strong enough to hold the weight of all the embellishments however, so I retrieved an old denim dress from the donation box. It will be for the structural part and the new fabric will be made into a 'garment bag.'

And finally, I'm sneaking in another box. The two boxes in this picture are DVD boxes from IKEA. One of the boxes holds the remotes, current movies, and other AV stuff The Hand shouldn't be in but the other one is empty. I asked DH last night if he wanted the new storage space and he said,'I have nothing to put in it.' So, it's mine, all mine!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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