27 Mar 2010

A Beautiful Day

It's absolutely gorgeous. Nicely warm - today's high is supposed to be 75°F or almost 24 C for non-Americans. Its still cool in the apartment today which is good because I've got the drapes closed and need to pretend that it's miserable out so I can finish the taxes.

Oh, and organisation week 13 has started - Stamps. I don't have the extensive stamp collection that some people have but I've got a few. I've got them corralled and separated by type. Rubber and foam ones are currently in a shoe box. I tried putting them into one of the CD boxes but the foam ones wouldn't fit so I gave up and decided to continue using the shoe box. Clear ones are located in a binder.

What I want to do is make a visual catalogue. One page will be located on the lid of the shoe box and the rest will be inserted into the binder somehow. I haven't got any thoughts on how this is going to look yet.

Back to work
Have a great weekend everyone!

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