23 Mar 2010

Coming up for Air

Things are looking up in the organisational world but I'm a bit fed up with it (I really hate sewing). So, I've been scrapping. It seems to be going smoother now and I am REALLY glad I revisited paper. It was so nice not to have to lift those boxes on and off the shelf. I may get a few more of those paper envelopes and do the same to the cardstock although, that box has a bent lid. Once it is out the lid folds to make the cardstock stand vertically which is nice.

I saw this great idea for thicker storage from Abby at scrapgal

I'm still finishing a now finished course. It was Building Pages with Debbie Hodge and I really enjoyed it. I've got two more lessons to go but here's the ones I'm now done. I will finish it!

Lesson 12 - Circled - This is a two pager but the double picture didn't turn out.

Lesson 11 - Mind Your L's and T's

Lesson 9 - Divided, I got to count this one twice. If I were better with deadlines it would have been 3 times. Once for Building Pages, Twice for Scrapgals Manufacture of the month, and Third for the All About Me Challenge - My Personality.

Lesson 7 - Shelved - I really want to play with this idea some more.

Lesson 6 - Layered

Finally there has been a big birthday bash going on at Scrapgal for the last few weeks. So I've done a couple of things for that as well. I can honestly say that organising everything cuts into the scrapping time. Normally I can keep up with at least one set of challenges. This month, well, not so much. Ooh, but when it's done I'll be so fast, not. lol

So Birthday Crop Challenge #2 - was a sketch

What happened to the rest. - Well I have ideas but couldn't get everything together fast enough and DH is away (again) this time on business so ... and for the 40 days I've done a few things but so far only one layout. The point in this one was to scrap your favourite 80's song. There were so many that I liked for a while but this song (State of Confusion) sums up my 80's experience. The layout is based on the cover art from the album.

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