1 Mar 2010

Help out a fellow Gal, Organize your Stuff Challenge Week 9, Blog challenge 3/1: Makeover Monday, Everyday stuff

Warning Long Post and 4 topics but it really is one post.

Help a fellow Gal:

So Candy Shoppe Designs is having a contest and one of my Gal-friends needs some help. So if you happen to stop by here check out the awesome top 10 entries and vote for Cassie. I just loved her promises for 2010. For those of you who came here by means of the organisational challenge you have to appreciate anyone who promises to stop hoarding and start scrapping. She needs our votes.

Organize your Stuff Challenge Week 9

Also, for you organisational people I've got a few pictures of the flower project. They are now sorted, boxed and labeled. The CD storage box worked more or less as planned except that there might be one or two too many flowers. The lid keeps popping off. I fixed that! The sides of the box and inside sides of the lid now have hook and loop tape (Velcro) on them.

They really aren't very good boxes. The plastic is flimsy and they are wonky. It could be that when a person spends $10 and gets 5 CD boxes that fit perfectly, that person shouldn't complain too much about poor quality. After all what I got what I wanted, something to contain the stuff so it wasn't getting shoved to the back of the cubbies.
All the flowers in one place. It didn't look like too many

until I started sorting them. It was amazing how many there were when they were all spread out.

The containers are these and these and these. The last two I found at Big Lots for a dollar. And the photo storage boxes came from Joann and were 40% off. Woohoo!!!

Sorted and labeled. I had to double up a couple of colours. I also had a couple unclassifiable items. The sliver leaves and the patterned Prima flowers. Are those flowers orange, green, blue or white? Too hard, so I just put them in a bag and left the leaves loose.

This shows the CD box packed (missing one box). You can see these really aren't all that sturdy but they will do.

Fully packed and waiting for the lid.

and at long last the flowers go home.

Onwards to the rest of the embellishments. Those were really the worst of the problem so I should get done by Thursday. At least that's what I'm working towards.

Blog challenge 3/1: Makeover Monday

For those of you still enduring snow and yuck, spring is coming. This is the tree outside our living room as of yesterday.

and my made-over picture. I use Corel Paint Shop so my make-over tools are a bit different from those of you who use Photoshop. I cropped a part that looked to have good focus, difficult since it was windy. I then applied a depth of field filter so that only the centre blossom was still focused and finally applied an age transformation to the colours. Hope you like it.

Everyday Stuff

For anyone hoping to find out how things are at home, it's boring here. Sid has a fever and is grumpy. He got up at 5AM this morning so we're all tired. I have no idea what's wrong. I'm guessing getting all those big boy teeth at the same time has made him vulnerable to a virus. He seems a bit better today than yesterday. I so wish he could talk so I would know what's wrong.

I had a good weekend shopping for scrappy containers. Talked to my mother who claims she will be here at the end of April.

Dustin is stopping for apple juice and Children's Motrin on the way home. They might be shipping their first saleable instrument today. The shippers are scheduled to arrive at the Bio-tech Mecca at 5PM so we'll see. We are in a state of disbelief that it will actually leave California today. Nothing else new or exciting.

To anyone who actually read this far thanks. I feel like yaking today but there's no one around.
Have a great week if I don't get back to you.



  1. great job with the challenge and more importantly great job with this photo!!! totally gorgeos andway to go on your organizing...I'm inspired!

  2. Congrats to you for the organization! Wanna come over to my house and get me started??
    And your photo makeover is WONDERFUL!!


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