18 Mar 2010

Paper Revisited

Hi again from organising central. I am worried that you all think this has been an easy thing to do. First I've had to own up to how much stuff has been accumulating. I'm sure there are people with more but for me and my space it's an unreasonable amount.

Second, I've had to really think about how I store the stuff. No easy solutions have shown up. I can't just go and get a trolley that will roll around and hold everything. Even though, I'm sure that that piece of equipment and a large desk with some drawers would solve all of my problems. There is just no more room here to fit stuff.

Third, I've been thinking very hard about what I actually use and what I don't. The easy one is the Fiskars Embossing thingy that I tested when I got it for Christmas a few years ago and have never even opened since but, there are a ton of little things kicking around too and they keep showing up.

Fourth, I've had stuff packed all over this apartment waiting for 'someday.' Well, someday never comes and I've been digging it all out though not always on purpose. I innocently open a draw and find a cute little baby outfit I intended to make into an album cover, funky packing tape that I thought would be fun to use on pages, the pressed pennies. (They don't exist in Canada, so when we first got here I had to try every machine I found. I'm a bit of a child like that but, it was so novel.)

So, instead of everything getting better it's getting worse. Portions look good but for everything that gets organised and put away there are two things that are not.I'm not bad at unpacking but when things are jammed in as tightly as they have been around here opening a tote/box tends to result in an explosion of stuff everywhere. And then 'The Hand' gets into to help some more.

So before I show you the pictures of paper revisited I thought I would show the mess that has been going on around here while the scrapbooking stuff gets organised. These are the living room and kitchen. The dining room is full of totes in the process of being repacked and isn't worth a picture - you can just see the Halloween tote - soon to become the seasonal decoration tote sans Christmas stuff. To get those nice bedroom pictures I've been dumping stuff in the laundry closet. The door won't open (again) to get in for a picture.

You can see that cooking is a thing of the past. For a while I was using the crock pot but things have gone downhill since then.

What has this mess accomplished? Not a lot that is visible. Yesterday I got an order from Joann with my hook and some Cropper hopper paper envelopes So I can get rid of a few more boxes. Which was a good thing because The hand decided that pulling down the bedroom torch lamp would be a good idea and shattered it. We used one of my now defunct boxes to pack up the broken glass and went to Ikea in search of a better light fixture. Failed! Have to try another store. But the paper should be more useful now. At least I won't have to go through all the boxes just envelopes.

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