16 Mar 2010

We are 1/3 of the way through the "Organize Your Stuff challenge" so, I thought I would post a progress report today. If you haven't been participating in the challenge you might want to start at the bottom, you might anyways. I'm not sure which order is going to make more sense.

This week and I still have a few more days to finish:
Week 11

Non-alpha flat embellishment storage AKA stickers and rub-ons. I noticed that chipboard and templates have their own weeks so I'm getting a bit of a jump here since they are stored in the same place as my stickers and rub-ons. Any of you that have been reading this blog for a while will know that I have been working on the binder storage system for a while now and making my own sticker storage pages.

This is just a 12x12 page protector with sewn pockets CAREFULLY slit open.

Up until now it has been really a matter of fitting the most stuff into the least space well, I changed it up a bit a and decided to sort things by topic and type. So I separated all of the stickers and stuff into categories. (My categories are words and quotes with a sub-section for family, cooking, travel (with sections for vacation, places, and generic travel), dates and time, scrapbooking and other hobbies, kids, home, wedding, things (like filmstrips etc), botanical and other nature stuff, journaling, borders and frames, transparencies, bling, chipboard and templates & masks.

So now that I've got them sorted I need to fit them into my available binders, which means sewing more pockets and make the binders pretty.

Did I mention that my extra page protectors and photo sleeves are in one of those binders?

Week 10
The best I can say about Alpha week is,they are all in one place now. If all goes well there will be a spot on the larger shelves for the box of alpha's. I'm really at a loss as to how to do this any better. There is no place in this room for a clip-It-Up. I tried hanging them from the closet rail but then I had some hanging, some in binders, larger ones in a box on the cubbies. It just didn't work for me so I put them back into their box. Which is now nicely labeled. Still thinking on this one and may come back to it if I have a better idea.

Week 9

Here's where life gets complicated. Everything (stickers, brads, bling ...)used to fit into the 'lumpy' box or one of my D-ring binders. At one point in time it was all sorted by type but expansion has changed that so it's time to redo the whole thing. Problem, no space to expand into. So by the time this challenge is over I hope to have solved the space issue.

I have plans!

I saw this hanging jewelry organiser and said "self that will work but you need a place to hang it while you're working." So I ordered this hook. You may have noticed there is a door going to our balcony from the bedroom and the hook will go on the top hinge. I didn't order the organiser though, I think I can make one that has more appropriately sized pockets using a piece of canvas, some safety pins and a strong hanger. It's a work in progress and I'll show you when I'm finished. Hopefully that will get all the embellishments out of the box so I can use it for something else - like alphas.

I would also like to make a cover - like a garment bag - so that when it is hanging in the closet the baggies don't get pulled from the canvas and it looks a little tidier. Anyways, fabric shopping is my next scrapbook project.

Today I can say that the flowers and the bling are done.

About the bling, it was part-way sorted before. The sticker type was in one of my binders and the lumpy kind in a baggy in the box. I found a solution (Cropper Hopper Zip-N-Flip just in case the link breaks) that allows me to put all of it in the binder, at least I hope it will fit. (The rings holes are in the right place but will the binder close?)

Week 8
Ohh, the unfinished projects, I'm still burying my head in the sand over the memorabilia and ephemera that has collected but I peeked up for a minute to look at some. I started sorting the ephemera. It's a pretty coarse sorting at this point only by topic, baby stuff, moving, DH's trips, St. Catharines, Waterloo ... It will have to get a lot more thinned out before I can start to actually use it.

When I was putting everything back after week 3, I separated the pages that I've currently got planned, put them in page protectors and then into a binder. All of the fish pictures are gathered and put them into a page planner, the pages aren't yet planned but... Also, I have started the Calendars for Christmas presents this year. I promise no repeats of last years fiasco.

I covered a shipping box in some pretty paper that I likely won't ever scrap with and put all the stuff together in the box.

I ordered some more paper to match so I can cover my storage binders to match my work in progress box. (Or is this just an excuse to buy more paper?)

Week 7
The idea clippings, one current magazine and books now have a home on the living room book shelves. There are 3 books, 1 magazine and 1 binder so it wasn't a big deal to find space. There may be a couple of more antique magazines lurking about but its not a huge quantity. I'm still hoping that when I get the rest of this done and reorganise the closet I can find a home for them in here.

Week 6
The photo organising is ongoing, basically triage. To date: I've removed the photos that have no negatives from the 'magnetic albums' and put them in photo sleeves. I've dedicated one of the infinite post bound albums to these pictures. The hard drive has had an 'as is' back up x2, once to the external hard drive and once to an online storage site. That, hopefully, will be sufficient protection.

I can't make up my mind on the printed pictures. So maybe you would like to offer some input. Here's my thinking.

Most of my current pictures are digital and I only print those I intend to scrap. When I run out of pictures to scrap I print more. I need to sort out my hard drives and back everything up again but that isn't a problem, except for the time it will take.
I have a dinosaur of an SLR and a funky fish-eye camera,so there are some new film pictures. I am ruthless about disposing of the bad shots. The ones I keep go in my 'to scrap' binder or go to other people, like Grandmas. I'm actually caught up. Not every picture gets scrapped. For instance I have a whole series of cactus shots I took when we first got to California. I did one page, then put the rest in 12x12 photo sleeves (We R Memory Keepers and American Crafts) and then into the album following the scrapped page. I have no problems with this way of doing things and if I ever get bored and want to do them they are there waiting.

Old pictures: Here's where the problem lies. Before things went digital I took a ton of pictures. I don't think in this lifetime I will ever get them all scrapped and I don't think I want to anyways. The negatives are in negative sleeves in a binder in climate controlled storage. Eventually I will get them scanned and then I won't worry about the pictures but at this point I don't want to toss the
pictures in case something happens to the negatives.

The pictures are in magnetic albums. *gasp* To put it in my husbands words "there are historical reasons". Anyways, I'm thinking of moving them all to the post-bound albums but they don't fit on the same shelves that the old albums do. I like them in that cabinet. They are somewhat protected from sticky fingers, somewhat protected from atmospheric damage and it alleviates some of the crowding on the book shelves.

The other day I spent quite a bit of time looking at new photo albums that would fit. I can replace all of them but it will cost a fair amount. I'm not being cheap but, this is just temporary storage. It might take a long time but still it is temporary and I'm not willing to spend a lot of money on it. (Which is more or less how they ended up in the magnetic albums to start with.) So what do you think I should do with them?

This is in my main entrance way so I would like something that looks reasonable.

Week 5
I revisited the scrap pile this week and decided I want the page planners back. So I'm going to get some large zip lock bags next time I'm at the store.

Week 4
There's really not much more I can do with the paper. I have the space I have with the furniture I have. I think I will create a separate themed category for all the fish paper since one of our (Yes, our!) ongoing projects is a fish album. He is putting into it all of the experiments in fish keeping and I'm adding some of the more scrapable events and pictures we've tried. He's in charge of editing and printing the stuff we found on the web. "manbooking" => layout styles nice and linear, no lace!. lol

Week 3
Clean sweep - want to do it but can't. I did, however, pull everything out, determine we couldn't live in this apartment like that for 29 weeks, clean and put everything back.

Week 2
Brain storm - so the scrap fairy visited and brought me a vision. A little silly but there were pieces I could achieve. To start with a carpet protector. (You know the ones under office chairs) No more Stazon on the carpet!

I changed the table cloth. I bought a remnant at Joann which is a much heavier grade of vinyl. It's still not a great work surface but it should stand up better to the everyday abuses of being taken on and off, having a computer on and off of it,(my computer runs really hot), being wiped off... I don't like the color but it is an improvement over melted and torn on, still working on a more attractive solution

Speaking of work surfaces, DH bought me a sheet of plastic to cut up and use for cling mount stamp storage. It was the wrong kind of plastic and the stamps didn't stick but we tested it and it is reasonably heat and cut resistant so we trimmed it to match the oval shape of the table. It is currently stored under the new table cloth. Which means, I should be able to just remove the table cloth and go. I'm hoping, but haven't had time yet, to test how it works as a splat mat.

Also, I moved the corded telephone (Hey, I think every house should have 1 phone with a cord in case of power outages) to the other side of the bed so I can reach it while I'm sitting at the table.

And one last thing, I always complain about having to clean up my pages in progress if they aren't done by supper and I complain about the freezer in the bedroom - not ideal no matter what. But I did find a use for it, besides acting as a TV stand. I got some super strong magnets that will hold embellishments, flowers and paper to the freezer so I can look at it and decide or "put it away" until tomorrow. ('rare earth' magnets are what work)

I admire your tenacity for making it to the end of this post. Just think 9 more weeks till the next mega post.

Hope you had a great day!

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