22 Apr 2010


Well today is cleaning day. Mum will be here tomorrow. I don't want her to walk in and feel like she's visiting my adolescent room. Even though, it was comfortable for me, it wasn't for her. So here I am looking around and it's comfortable, which has put me into an rebellious mood. She's coming to see us not the apartment...

Anyways, speaking of rebellious, a football fan started me thinking. Did you know that the NFL draft is prime time TV. I didn't! Not that I don't like football, I just don't follow it. There was a comment about a layout being done on draft night. And the response was that they can be quite a rowdy bunch which got me thinking about a stereotype so for your viewing pleasure(?) I present The Arrogant Worms and Me Like Hockey.

Now, since I'm subjecting you to my sense of humour I thought I would share this video too. I stumbled upon it when I was looking for the hockey song.

Just a slice of a conversation my husband and I had.

"I can sum up my California experience like this, I failed to find coffee and donuts."

"Huh?", you say.

"Donuts are not a breakfast food they are a dessert food, eh!"

Only I might use huh too. My father was from Windsor which before the great automotive crash was really a suburb of Detroit. Sorry, I digress.

So, many evenings we would go out for coffee and donuts. I can't understand why there are no coffee shops that serve donuts here open after 2pm after all there are almost a quarter of a million of us in this area. I see a business opportunity here except from what I've seen most of the "Canadians" here aren't actually Canadians. They are people who hold Canadian passports which, is another topic that I will not discuss in an public place.

Needless to say it is one of those minor frustrations which when tallied up can get completely out of control. The big thing, is not the coffee, which is awful here it all tastes burnt, so I import it and make my own, it is the social aspect. The neighborhood coffee shop is part of the community. It is where people meet, go after church, gossip, bring their kids after spots practice... (Not all Canadians are hockey freaks, some play baseball, or basketball...) It makes even the largest cities seem smaller. Which leads me back to the whole thing about lack of community. Maybe I just don't know where to look?

A couple of pieces of trivia: Canadians drink more coffee than Germans and it is impossible (at least in southern Ontario) to drive for more than 15 minutes without running into a Tim Hortons.

Note: If you come back in a couple of hours I'll have the Tim Hortons layout I did up. I just have to take a picture.

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