19 Apr 2010

Organisation Challenge

So there's been some demand for a mid-way update, but as I've been moping there hasn't really been much going on. I can say that my scrap room changes from disaster area to master retreat in a flash. Well not quite, but close. Most of the improvement is due to putting the paper in plastic paper envelopes. I can get the right colour out just by looking at the labels (colour coded) so, I don't drag all of it out to find a piece.

The second largest improvement, so far, is hanging the embellishments. I move the hanger out of the closet and hang it on the door. (Still no luck on trying to install the door hook. The pin just won't lift out. DH seems resistant to helping.) Anyways, it's much easier to find things and infinitely quicker to put them away. Just hang the hanger back in the closet.

Another large improvement is the CD boxes. I have stuff sorted by type (more work to go on labeling). I ran out of CD boxes and found an extra Tupperware Fridgesmart container that fit perfectly so it holds paints. Why did I have two of them? ... A bit of organisational serendipity happened with the CD boxes, they are the correct width to perch on the window ledge while I'm scrapping.

Finally, the last large improvement is a Tote-Ally cool roll up tote. It has adhesive, scissors, markers etc. When in use it hangs on the tie back for the drapes keeping everything within easy reach and when I'm done it rolls up and into the shoulder bag it goes. If I ever get a desk the shoulder bag won't be needed but for now it works like drawers should.

The garbage can normally lives in the bathroom but comes out to play with me. It is the perfect size to tuck under the desk for an afternoon's adventure.

Rather than show you more pictures of the closet I thought I would share the scrapping area in its full glory. The first 2 were taken at 4:20 pm when I had just finished a layout.
This picture is taken from my chair. Notice I now have a magnetic "board". The rare earth magnets do an awesome job of holding a work in progress.
The second picture is taken from the door way. The shoulder bag I use every time I scrap is hidden by the night stand. You can see there is still stuff on the bed. I could really use a larger table.

We've looked at various expanding tables but I don't want to give this one up. It was in my grandmother's kitchen for years so it holds a place in my heart and anything I could buy wouldn't be as pretty. We've also found lights, not purchased yet so I'll save them for the big reveal.

You can see at 4:20 the bedroom is has more resemblance to a craft room than to a master bedroom. By 4:50 the room looked like this:

And finally, the layout that I was working on. The picture doesn't do it justice.
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

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  1. That table is so pretty! I agree with keeping it! I love how quickly your room transforms back to a bedroom! What about getting a large board that you could put on the bed for a flat surface--but then just slip under the bed with stuff still on it for quick cleanup? Just an idea! Great job! How are your embellies hanging?


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