16 Apr 2010

Silence is golden

Well no one sent me any flame mail though, no one said anything at all. So what am I to think?

I'll take it that you were all so appalled by my rant that you fled. Wise move. Things are back to normal (?) now that insane paperwork is in the mail.

I thought I would share this LO I did yesterday. If you've been following along you will understand. Enjoy!
From Carolyn's Scrapbook

Organization, uhm, well... I'm getting ready to get back into it. Things have improved over the last few weeks. It only takes about 15 minutes (excluding vacuuming) to turn the scrap room back into a bedroom instead of 3 hours.

Thanks for sticking with me
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I was going to respond but I am way stressed myself but with no one replying I will now. :D I understand your frustration and your lonliness I don't think you have to move to a whole different country to feel it. I have moved to a different state and I feel lonely and a bit of a culture shock as there is a different mentality then I grew up with. Anyway I am thinking I am babbling. I am glad you are feeling chipper and there are people who read and care about you and your blog :D


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!