7 May 2010

I Tried?

It seemed like a good idea to do a post a day while on vacation, nothing major, just a photo and a memorable quote/idea from the day, well, I failed. I would like to say I tried, but, a question the other day led me back to my all time favourite Star Wars quote, Yoda, “Do or do not... there is no try.” I guess that means I did not.

so a few highlights from before Mum went home and things went back to stupefying again.


Talking to Mum about unfinished projects, of which I'm sure she is the queen, if not the goddess of.

"Ah, the UFO's", she says, "we all have those."
"Unfinshed Objects."

Mum in front of Grace Cathedral on our fourth day in SF (the sun did come out and stay out at last.)

Leaving SF one of the tie downs on the roof racks let go on the Golden Gate bridge. Nothing was lost but for a couple of minutes we were subjected to the sound of a metal clip pounding on the roof of the car. We made an unplanned stop at the look out and fixed the problem resulting in one of the few pictures of the two of us together.

We were feeling a bit like this.

Had a bit of a rest at home that afternoon eating strawberries from a road side fruit stand and then took off to San Juan Bautista the next day. The wild flowers were spectacular.

In case you are interested, my second favourite Star Wars quote
"I suggest a new strategy R2, let the Wookie win."

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