19 May 2010

Scrapgal Crop

We had company!!!!

It was fantastic, we rarely have company but, this weekend we had a friend from Dustin's New Jersey days. So the crop at Scrapgal had to take second stage. I got a couple of layouts done. Not nearly as many as I would have liked, still some is better than none.

In no order here is what got finished.

From Carolyn's Scrapbook

I did a pink layout! That wasn't what the challenge was all about. The challenge was to use 3 or more types of flowers. The paper was a singleton from my Basic Grey collection. For this crop I got out my paper envelope with Basic Grey paper in it. I really need to make a dent in the paper stash. lol

From Carolyn's Scrapbook

This challenge was to use at least 80% yellow. I really tried for 100%. It didn't quite make it but pretty close. The subtext which I refrained from adding should be, "and so little else." The photo was taken at the Home Depot for Scrapgal's May Scavenger Hunt and doesn't really hold a lot of meaning except for being one of my better pictures.

From Carolyn's Scrapbook

Challenge: a handmade flower. This is not an original idea. I followed the instructions on this video. It was however, my very first try. I think it turned out quite well. The stem is a bamboo skewer wrapped in strips of green paper. It would have been a lot easier with florist's tape.

From Carolyn's Scrapbook

The challenge was to make a card from the scraps on my desk. I think it's the second ATC I've ever completed, truly collectible as it's #1 in a series of 1. (too funny - who would want my cards?) Anyways, its a refection of the bits I used and thought about using during the crop so I guess it's represents a moment in time.

There's one more too but the picture is so bad I'll retake it and post it later.

Hope you're having a great day

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