31 May 2010

So I've been blurfing

First, you might ask what blurfing is. One of the women on the Scrapgal message board used the word(?) to refer to blog surfing. I liked it so I'm adopting it. So, I've run across a few things I feel the need to comment on.

First, one of the threads on Two Peas (another of my hang outs for those who don't know) is: Why do you blog?

My answer:

I started this blog to keep a log of my household excavation process. I was hoping that airing the pictures would get me on track and keep me honest when I got off. Well the house is somewhat better, there certainly is less stuff so I guess that part has been successful. It's an ongoing process hence the sporadic organisation posts.

Things never go as planned though and this blog morphed into a scrapbooking blog. It started innocently enough as a place to have challenge blogs find my layouts. It is fun showing off my creations.

Somewhere along the line I thought that sharing this with people I knew would help them understand our lives are now. Unfortunately, very few of those people have been bothered to look. On the other hand, people I have met on the internet have picked it up. I'm truly grateful for these people. Some of my posts aren't all happy, crafty and bubbly so it's really great to see the hit counter go up and read the comments. Thank You!

Things seem to be morphing again. It seems that I've been using this blog as more of a journal recently sharing more of my everyday thoughts and life. My journals have always had writing, paper clippings, lists, sketches, bits of fabric, stuff, ideas ... all kinds of bits and pieces of my life glued down. I didn't used to be very good at recording why I had kept all this stuff. I can type much faster, and about as well, as I can write. I think this blog will help me keep track of the why. I'm still posting my layouts since they are a part of my life too but I think there will be more of me in the upcoming posts. At least that is where I'm headed right now - subject to change at any moment.


This one is related to the above topic but a little different. How much information is too much? I'm working on this and I think as a general rule I err to the side of too little. I read my posts and they are flat. There seems to be too little of the 3D us.


I read this today

The golden rules for scrapbooking are measure twice and cut once. Never start work on a page until you have planned every detail, and it is always helpful if you can make a rough sketch of your layout before you begin.

I couldn't believe it! I can't possibly plan every detail and if I even tried I wouldn't get anything done, would be afraid of doing something 'wrong' ... Awful!!!

If you are the kind of person who can do that I admire you. It probably makes the hobby a whole lot less costly but making it a 'golden rule'. That will, in my opinion, make more people believe that they can't scrapbook. What I think is needed now is more people, not less.

So, the industry is in trouble. At least that is what I keep hearing. All arts and crafts go through up and down cycles. Some of that is related to the economy, obviously, but, I think some of it is related to the type of people who are involved. Most creative people have a constant yearning to try new things and I think this cycle has run it's course. There will always be a core group who keep it alive until the next time.

I actually seem to work out of phase. (which happens to be a pretty interesting place, at least for the first few books, in a series by Piers Anthony). I stopped scrapping in about 2001 for a bunch of reasons finances, new baby, new (old) house renovations, too many moves ... So, as this cycle wanes for most of you, I'm just warming up.

I'm being told that breckfast (brunch?) is ready so I have to go now.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend


  1. I obviously do not scrap correctly as I never measure twice and cut once - my layouts come together hit and miss - totally intuitive which is why I am not too fond of sketches - but I do when I have to for assignments. It's interesting to read your point of view - is your username on 2peas the same as ScrapGal?

  2. I'm eclectic_stuff elsewhere in cyberspace Chris.
    And, the cabinet is in the shape of a base or cello. I'm not sure how big a real base the cabinet is taller than I am. It's huge! and one of the sources of my 'stuff' grief. I love it and don't want to part with it but this apartment is not really big enough.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!