21 Jun 2010

Rainbows and Thunderstorms

Does anyone know who said this:

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.

I was thinking about rainbows, and thunderstorms and naturally tornadoes. I'll skip the tornadoes though the sky turns the most interesting colour right before one.

Rainbows are a much happier subject. One of the strange things, at least to me, are the storms here, or the lack thereof. Right now, at home, the humidity should be disgusting, the temperatures somewhere between 80 and a 100 and a thunderstorm could brew up at any moment. Those storms are usually isolated. I remember walking two blocks down the street, getting soaked, then, crossing the road and the other side was dry. I looked back, saw sheets of rain and felt the spray from the rain bouncing off the pavement on other side.

Usually, I could tell by the 'feel' of the air when one would strike us. It's difficult to describe but it felt like the hair on my arms was standing up and my skin was crawling off. I think that weather sense is a result of being caught out way to many times but, being caught in one of the "thunder bangers" is exhilarating. The wind blows cold, the tree branches scream in the wind, and the rain beats down.

Sometimes thunderstorms would bring relief from the humidity as a cold front moved in but not usually at this time of year. On the other hand, the most spectacular rainbows would appear. (June and October were the best) They were the ones with all the colours visible and a full arc! I used to hunt for those ones . I would put Sid in the car and chase the storm until I got out onto flat land, away from tall buildings, and could put the sun to my back.

Wise, probably not but we had a good time.

So, I was talking to a native Californian on the weekend who had recently been 'east' and had seen a thunderstorm for the first time. They described it as the most terrifying thing ever. The noise, the lightning, the wind, the rain really scared them. I, quite naturally, asked if they had seen the rainbow. They looked blank and said, "why would there be a rainbow?"

It was another of those moments when a quote from the Wizard of Oz came to mind, "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

Have a great week

btw: not mine but same car. 40mpg! (get a pic of mine later)

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  1. I love thunder storms. When I was young I lived in the country and we would lose our power. I would love to hear the rain on the tin roof and watch the flashes of light, light up the room.


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