15 Jun 2010


Do you remember when I talked about scrapping my Maui pictures?

I still haven't done it. I can't bring myself to. Not that I don't want to but I enjoy looking through them and planning all the great layouts I'm going to do. Silly and sentimental though it may be I just can't scrap the second best thing that ever happened to me.

I might mess them up! lol

Do you remember me talking about where to draw the line between what I should share and what I shouldn't?

I'm going to share a bit about me that I probably shouldn't but it needs to be done. Not for my sake but for a friend.

About 18 years ago I was involved in a long term relationship. That was B.A.D. I really can't begin to describe how awful it was and I don't really want to. My friends couldn't stand the changes that had happened to me (I couldn't stand me either by the way), naturally, they disappeared. I was left feeling very much alone. So... around the time I turned 29 I decided to change things. It was a very slow and painful process undoing years of mainly self-inflicted damage. I completely lost track of people who I cared about. I just didn't have it in me to fix me and to fix broken relationships. It also didn't help, in hindsight, that at that age people are getting married, getting first jobs/promotions, having kids and everything else that happens in our 20's.

8 years later, I felt more or less myself had the degree that I wanted and the best that ever happened, happened. I married a sweetheart of a man who was willing to put up with me.

I'm not sure I should have wasted my time getting a physics degree. I guess it was part of proving how smart I was to the world. I did however need to do something to improve my employability.

Now - there is a point to this after all - I know that some of you who read this are scrapgals. I also suspect that there was some kind of bad blood that happened last year. And I'm pretty sure that you know more about it than I do but, I remember a very happy woman in Kauai last summer. You all who know who you are should go read her blog.

For everyone else
Have a happy, thankful night

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