9 Jun 2010


I'm still working on a title for this post. I had grand ideas about exploring where my creativity is flowing these days. I went so far as to make a list of things I think tie together but, I can't seem to make it flow. So, I'll sit on it for a while.

Instead I'll share with you a blog give away. I'm in no way associated with this but she has some cute stuff in her ETSY shop and is giving away 5 things just for leaving a comment on her blog.

I haven't commented since I don't want to win. Everything is so cute and pink! It just doesn't fit with what I have to scrap (or am likely to have). SO...

her blog
her ETSY shop - don't you just love the name.

So do you ever go on kicks where one idea leads to another and then another one leads back to the same thing. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense does it?

I was surfing the internet and found an alterable clock. (I think it was Kaiser Craft). Now, my kitchen clock is wonderful, it works, it cost $1.99, it runs on batteries so I always have one working clock, it more or less matches my kitchen but, well it is just a plastic clock and in no way represents me. Well, not wholly true, it represents a me at a time when $1.99 was all I had to spend on a clock.

I saw this doily project and thought, "cute but why?" (In case you are visiting her much later than this is posting her project started on May 13, 2010)

Then, I saw this project on the scrapgal blog. It is really cute and looks like it could easily be made into a clock face.

Now, somewhere or other I have seen the perfect product line to use to alter a clock. In fact, that is what I thought when I saw it but now I can't remember what it or where it was. Doh!! If I can remember what it was I think I'll try altering a clock

Hope your day is great!

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