27 Jul 2010

Purple and other mutterings

I've been dying to blog for a while now but kept saying, 'when I get the new layout done.' Well, it's not done and I'm frustrated. I will finish it, promise!

In the mean time though, DH has moved on to a second interview. Wish him luck.

I've been thinking about him this morning and about scrapbooking and about home decor and, well ... I've been up since 4:30 trying to be quiet. It's really hard, I've got so many things I want to do and I know the ambition will pass. I'll just be tired.

So, what does purple have to do with any of this? Well, he's got a colour deficiency. Not true colour blindness he just doesn't see some colours correctly. For example, most purple looks like blue to him. As far as I can tell he sees all the primary colours correctly but as soon as they start being mixed ...

This led someone to say, "he must have an interesting view of aesthetics." How true that is!

In his words,"I like colours that know what colour they are."

We've been together long enough now that I have incorporated his views on colour theory into my own work, after all I like to be appreciated. He's a sweetheart and will always say he likes the way things go together. I can tell though, when he's not seeing it. You won't see very many subtle antiqued pages here. To him they are grey and unappealing but I can't give up purple. Not mauve, but real royal purple.

I decorated our last bedroom and picked out the wallpaper, he loved it. He saw shades of blue and yellow.

These were the wallpaper colours

What can I say? I did tell him what they really were. It was a happy bedroom (purple cave). We both got to live in our favourite colours.

and the relationship to scrapbook layouts is ... ? You may see some odd colour combos from time to time. When I do stuff for us/him (not just me) I have to keep in mind his visual limitations. As well as my own, but those ones are kind of built in.

And so what I'm talking about really is knowing my audience. When I scrapbook for me I can do whatever pleases my eye. When I blog for me it really doesn't matter what the web page looks like to anyone else but, since I have others reading it now, I want it to be pleasing to more than just me. I guess that's just a way to say sorry this redesign is taking so long.

If you want to try something interesting. Take the adobe colour scheme from the wallpaper link and try to make it look like blues and yellows on this site. You will need to use the visual simulation tab on the top right.

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