27 Aug 2010

Even closer

First, I thought I would share a couple of pictures from the California Academy of Sciences. I've only now started to even look at that week's pictures. I was amazed by how well these turned out. No fancy camera, no special equipment, just my husband's infinite patience and a Canon A90 point and shoot.

You can see where the blue butterflies for the back ground came from. Do you like them?

So I some questions for any one who happens to read this. The background looks good on my monitor, does it on yours? If not, why not? Is it a technical problem or is it just an ugly problem?

Is it loading in a reasonable time? Do all of the elements show up? Any other problems or comments?

I know about the text/link/title colours. They were fixed but I had a moment yesterday and deleted my template. I'll get back to that later (not likely today but soon)

Patience Grasshopper


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!